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Enter the location of your service request including a street number, street direction, street name and street type; or for an intersection enter the first street and the intersecting street.


Street Address: 200 N Walker Ave

Intersection: W Main St & N Classen Blvd

Then click on the "Search Location" button. The County’s address system will verify the location. If matches are found, a list will be displayed. Select the location that best matches your location and then click the "Continue" button. Most service requests require an exact address.

If your location does not appear on the list, check the spelling of the street name or try entering more detailed information about the street direction (NW, SW, etc.) and street type (Ave, Dr, Rd, etc.).

If you are sure the location is in the Unincorporated limits and it does not appear on the list, contact the County at (405) 295-6000 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. for assistance.

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