GIS Data Export


The Canadian County Assessor’s Office offers parcel data along with supplementary data for $50.00 for the entire county or $25.00 for areas of one township or smaller. Available formats include Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) File Geodatabase, Shapefile, Keyhole Markup Language (KML, readable by Google Earth), etc. The purchasing process, data descriptions, and transfer process we use are detailed below.

Purchasing Process

The Assessor’s Office is unable to accept any form of electronic payment. To purchase Geographic Information System (GIS) data, please mail a check or money order with an address and phone number at the top made out to the Canadian County Assessor’s Office to the address. Please include a note explaining that the check is for Geographic Information System data, your preferred format, and contact information so we know who the payment is from and where to send the data.

Canadian County Assessor’s Office
C/O Joel Foster
200 N Choctaw Avenue
El Reno, OK 73036

Data Transfer Process

The parcel dataset can typically be sent as e-mail attachments in two e-mails each being approximately 15MB when compressed. The Assessor’s Office also has access to free file transfer services. We do not typically place data on mailed data drives for security purposes.

Included Data

The following links provide documentation of the data included with an export of parcel data.

Parcel Data Export Introduction (PDF)

Parcel Data Export Appendix A (PDF)

Parcel Data Export Appendix B (PDF)

Parcel Data Export Appendix C (PDF)

Other Geographic Information System Data

Several datasets used by the Canadian County Assessor’s Office originate from other entities and can be found at some of the sites listed: 

State of Oklahoma Office of Geographic Information

University of Oklahoma Center for Spatial Analysis

United States Department of Agriculture Geospatial Data Gateway

United States Census Bureau

Federal Emergency Management Agency National Flood Hazard Layer


Questions can be submitted to the Canadian County Assessor’s Office at: 

200 N Choctaw Avenue
El Reno, OK 73036

Phone: (405) 295-6331
Fax: (405) 422-2406

Email the County Assessor’s Office