The Payroll department processes the semi-monthly payroll for the county offices and departments. This department is responsible for facilitating the retirement, insurance and other benefits for county employees.

2021 Annual Salaries Publication

2020 Annual Salaries Publication (PDF)

2019 Annual Salaries Publication (PDF)

2018 Annual Salaries Publication (PDF)

2017 Annual Salaries Publication (PDF)

2016 Annual Salaries Publication (PDF)

2015 Annual Salaries Publication (PDF)

2014 Annual Salaries Publication (PDF)

2013 Annual Salaries Publication (PDF)

Note Concerning Annual Salary Publications  

19 O.S. Section 444 requires the Board of County Commissioners to publish a report of all the county employees and their salaries paid annually. The statute states the listing shall reflect the gross salary of every employee reported to the Internal Revenue Service on the W-2 Form of the employee.

The salary of any county employee reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on the W-2 Form may not reflect the true gross salary of that employee. The salaries reported to the IRS may have been affected by one or more of the following scenarios:

  • Tax-exempt wages due to participation in Section 125 or "Cafeteria Plan" Salary Reduction Agreements for qualified insurance payroll deductions
  • Proof of other group health insurance coverage which allows an employee to opt-out of certain benefits and receive an increased monetary benefit
  • Approved leave without pay
  • Optional compensatory payments made to the employee at the discretion of an elected official

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