Road Maintenance

The Commissioners are responsible for county road and bridge maintenance and construction in the unincorporated areas of the county. Each commissioner district has approximately 417 miles of unincorporated roads to maintain.

Inside municipalities with a population of

  • 2,500 or less: Commissioner maintains the roads.
  • 2,501 to 5,000: Commissioner assists with road maintenance.
  • Greater than 5,000: Commissioner assists only under interlocal agreement.

Please see the district map (PDF) to determine if you live within a municipality or in an unincorporated area. Colored areas on the map are municipalities/cities.

Please direct road maintenance concerns/comments to the following entities depending upon the location:

Unincorporated Canadian County: Commissioner Districts
City of El Reno: Jeff Kouba, Public Works, Phone: (405) 422-2139
City of Piedmont: Brad Stuber, Public Works, Phone: (405) 373-2621
City of Oklahoma City: Eric Wenger, Public Works, Phone: (405) 297-2581
City of Yukon: Arnold Adams, Public Works, Phone: (405) 350-8940
City of Mustang: Carl Gray, Phone: (405) 376-4521
City of Okarche: District 1 Commissioner (inside Canadian County) Phone: (405) 262-4673
City of Calumet: District 3 Commissioner Phone: (405) 422-2427
City of Union City: District 2 Commissioner Phone: (405) 262-0589