Recording Documents recording practices are governed by the Oklahoma Statutes as defined in 16 O.S. 26, 16 O.S. 28, 19 O.S. 284-298.1, 28 O.S. 32 and 60 O.S. 121.

Beginning October 1, 2022

Cut off time for recording in person is 4:15pm any documents presented after that time will be held and processed the next business day. 

Properly executed documents may be presented for recording in person, by mail, or electronically. (Electronic recording is provided through Simplifile, Corporation Service Company (CSC) or eRecording Partners Network (ePN). Please contact Simplifile, CSC or ePN directly with any questions concerning electronic recording).

Recording documents for real estate transactions is an important action and can be a complex issue. The County Clerk's Office staff does not provide legal advice or assist in the completion of documents. To protect your interests, please consult an attorney or other professional with any questions relating to your documents or real estate transactions.

You may contact the Recording staff with any general recording questions or access Filing Requirements or Recording Fees for more information.