Plat Searches

Plat Searches can be performed on the County Clerk's website. Please use the free Firefox web browser for full functionality of the County Clerk website.

Plat Viewing Guidelines

The plat images on the County Clerk's website are both tif and jpeg file formats. We recommend using the Firefox web browser and the free Irfanview to view the plat images. The Brava Reader will allow you to zoom in on the plat image and / or to print an enlarged section of the plat image.

Bureau of Land Management / Government Land Office

Original government surveys and patents can be searched, viewed, downloaded or printed from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)/Government Land Office (GLO) website.

The County Clerk's office does not maintain the records on the BLM/GLO website. Please refer to the helpful information on that site for searching, viewing, downloading or printing instructions.